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Ursula Kohli Soko

Ursula Kohli
In 1987, Ursula Kohli engaged in the Urasenke Way of Tea, the Japanese tea ceremony “Chanoyu”, during a seminar in South Germany given by her master Michiko Nojiri. With her art-school education and practice, she runs her own work shop "sublim" since 1998. The same year she started teaching chanoyu in Bern.

Sessions at Dokokai Geneva, a one year study at Midorikai Kyoto and intensive seminars all over Europe and USA provided her with continued education and the licence to teach chado.

In 2007 she built her first tea house, adjacent to her studio “sublim”, where she realizes her ideas ranging from tea utensils (chadogu) to complete interiors, thus merging craftsmanship and chado dedication into a whole.