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Here are some interesting links on the world of chado.

They are provided for your information and without responsibility for the contents or reliability of the linked websites.
My professional site with an immense portfolio of my diverse work in furniture, restoration, interior designs, carpentry, hand crafts, expostions, show room and much more.
«Ursula und der Tee»
An online portrait of my work in the Tribune de Genève.
The website of the famous Tea Shop in Bern, Switzerland.
Urasenke International
The homepage of Urasenke in Kyoto with links to the international branches and the headquarter of the Urasenke Foundation.
An independent trilingual portal to the Japanese Way of Tea (chado) in Switzerland.
With an agenda on tea ceremony, flower arrangement, caliigraphy and other related venues.
Urasenke-Stiftung, Freiburg
The homepage of Ulrich D. Haas, Sôshiki Seizen. In German.
The homepage of Christine Junod-Merz and her chashitsu by Dogu Design. In German.
Chadō – The Japanese Way of Tea
Also with information about architectural design, handicrafts, religion and many other subjects.
Tea Times
The site of the Urasenke Foundation in San Francisco. With infos about chado, chabana, sweets (okachi) and various topics.
Keikou Nishimura Lacquer Art Studio
Master Keikou Nishimura (founder of the Keikou name) established his Kyoto studio in the early 1900s. His studio specializes in the finishing coats (uwanurishi) of traditional japanese lacquerware.