Made-to-order Objects

Hako kanji for hako

Wooden boxes for your dogu.

Chabako kanji for chabako

Portable lidded box in beautifully weathered wood.

Mizusashi Futa kanji for mizusashi futa

Lids in natural, oiled or lacquered wood.

Kakemono kanji for kakemono

Hanging scroll with painting or calligraphy.

Rakkan kanji for rakkan

Stone seals carved according to your artwork.

solid wood hako MA01 solid wood hako MA01 details
MOA1 Solid wood hako in any size and wood: request an offer
plywood hako MA02 plywood hako MA02 details
MOB1 Plywood hako in any size and type: request an offer
Kakemono ME01 Kakemono ME01 details
MOC1 Kakemono for your calligraphy or painting: ask for offer
hako for kakemono MA04 hako for kakemono MA04 details
MOA2 Hako for Kakemono, any size & material: request an offer
Old wood chabako MB01 Old wood chabaako MB01 details
MOC2 Made-to-Order items: request an offer
Various rakkan MG01 Various Rakkan MG01 details
MOA3 Stone seals carved from your artwork: request an offer
mizusashi futa with lids MD01 mizusashi futa with lids MD01 details
MOB3 Mizusashi futa lacquered or oiled wood: request an offer
wood/bamboo lids for any type of object MD02 wood/bamboo lids for any type of object MD02 details
MOC3 Lids for any type of object: request an offer