Made-to-order Objects

Some custom-made samples:

Kakemono kanji for kakemono

Hanging scroll for the alcove (tokonoma) with painting or calligraphic work mounted on paper and silk.

Shikishi as Kakemono kanji for shikishi as kakemono for

Empty kakemono to be fitted with painting or calligraphy on a card.

Rakkan kanji for rakkan

Stone seals carved according to your artwork.

Kakemono ME01 Kakemono ME01 details
ME01 Kakemono for your calligraphy or painting: ask for offer
Shikishi as kakemono MF01 Shikishi as kakemono MF01 details
MF01 Shikishi as kakemono: request an offer
Various rakkan MG01 Various Rakkan MG01 details
MG01 Stone seals carved from your artwork: request an offer