Restoration & Repair

Skillful restoration and reparation of wooden, ceramic, paper, fabrics, lacquer and western style objects.

The techniques involve mending, patching and sewing.

Often there is a solution to bring broken or damaged valuable objects back to life. It would be my pleasure to advise you.

Resewed tenmoku shifuku Resewed tenmoku shifuku  details
Restoration of antiques
Kakemono patched Kakemono patched  details
Repair of damage from use
Replacement of damaged fabrics
Split bamboo vase Split bamboo vase  details
Repair and paper replacement on sliding doors
Repair or replacement of wood
Chaire lid regilded Chaire lid regilded details
Renewal of original look
Mended bamboo container Mended bamboo container details
Sealing cracks in bamboo and other items
Mended chashaku Mended chashaku  details
Ask for repairs to any material