kanji for freestyle

Please feel free to create your own tea ceremony in the spirit of harmony , respect , purity and tranquility .

Use all of the available items in a set or just what you like.

African Basket African Basket details
FSA1 African Basket CHF 680.–
Walnut wood box Walnut wood box details
FSB1 Walnut wood box CHF 720.–
Reed grass basket Reed grass basket details
FSC1 Reed grass basket CHF 490.–
Wood Box Wood Box details
FSA2 Wood Box CHF 530.–
LG Fenster DB02 LG Fenster DB02 details
MPoppy design set Poppy design set
SOLD Poppy design set CHF 660.–
Willow basket Willow basket
FSB3 Willow basket CHF 570.–